Missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift, reduce chewing efficiency, and affect speech as well as appearance. A missing tooth can often be replaced with a dental implant. Implants are highly successful and long lasting. They are often the best option for replacement of a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

Implants may be used in a variety of situations ranging from the need for a single crown to the need to replace an entire arch with prosthetic teeth.

Using the most current methods, we are able to combine our state of the art 3D patient scans with CEREC scanned images to virtually plan your implant and crown before we do any procedure clinically. Using 3D technology, we digitally plan the best possible position for your future crown which aligns within your existing bite.

Once the position of the crown is established, we then digitally plan the implant to the exact location and depth which corresponds to the crown. By using this information and performing guided surgery your implant will be placed with unparalleled precision. By using 3D technology, we can ensure a precision fit between your implant and crown while also providing the best possible esthetics and function.

Dental Implant Patient Testimonial


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